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Meghan Markle Flees To NYC After Learning Harsh News About Having Prince Harry’s Baby. Now, She's Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands

February 19, 2019

Meghan Markle is making some massive news and there are very mixed feelings about it…

After becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan entered into a world of new privilege, however, it wasn’t all roses, as they say. Meghan was met with intense scrutiny from the public, internet trolls, and protocols that had been set in by the Royal Family (Including the Queen and Meghan’s advisors). Nevertheless, Meghan was dealing with some very public and distasteful backlash from her own family stateside.

These rules and expectations quickly proved to be overwhelming for the Duchess. And while she did her best to navigate the public expectations, everything took a turn in October 2019 when Kensington Palace confirmed that Meghan was expecting her first child in the Spring!

But, once again, Meghan would be met with the protocols and expectations of her advisors and online viewers. Meghan, a once free-to-say and free-to-do blogger would not have the pregnancy that she had likely always dreamt. In America, pregnancies are very public and celebrated; mothers-to-be share private details on social media and throw lavish parties for gender reveals and baby showers. But as the Duchess, Meghan won’t get any of that.

Refinery 29 shares that Meghan won’t have the privilege of getting thrown a fancy baby shower, regardless of how customary it is in the United States. Royal news expert, Victoria Arbiter, stated: "They [royal family members] are clearly very wealthy, and a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate.” The Duchess of Cambridge is believed to have gone without showers for all three of pregnancies for that very reason.

Prior to entering into the Royal Family, Meghan was very public about her life. On her blog, The Tig, Meghan shared several details of her life. Based on the content that she shared prior to getting rid of her social media per the Royal Family’s request, Meghan would have likely shared special moments of her pregnancy. She probably would have created an announcement with a fun gender reveal and had an over-the-top baby shower. But now, she’ll have to settle for the official Twitter announcement made by Kensington Palace.

That’s why the world of Royal watchers was shocked after pictures of the Duchess of Sussex in New York City, New York emerged in late February!

Meghan was spotted leaving a dark building late on Monday night. Only caught for a moment, the Duchess was dressed in an oversize hat and a black trench coat as she made her way from a building into a dark SUV.

After thousands were stunned to learn just why the Duchess of back in America (without Harry, no less), it was confirmed on Twitter that Meghan had flown back to America to celebrate a baby shower with her friends!

According to Royal Watcher and writer for ABC, GMA, and Harpers Bazaar, Omid Scobie, the Duchess and her closest friends will be celebrating her baby shower in NYC before heading over to Morocco for another baby shower! The showers were reportedly a secret, but after Meghan was spotted in NYC, the news slipped.

Even though baby showers are not totally allowed back in England, there’s nothing that says one can’t fly back stateside for a little get-together. Personally, I am so happy that Meghan is getting to be celebrated! She’s had a difficult year and she deserves to be celebrated! What do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments, but keep it kind!

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