Mochi Is The Cutest French Bulldog Of All With Her Adorable Costumes That Are Sure To Leave You Smiling

November 13, 2017

Mochi is a gorgeous tan and white French Bulldog who everyone can’t help but love! This playful pup is one of the most adorable dogs you’ll see around. With Mochi’s little button nose and perky ears, she’s sure to stand out in a crowd!

Mochi loves to lounge around on the couch, napping in the warm sunlight of the early afternoon. When she’s not napping, she enjoys a good old game of fetch to help her burn off her extra energy. This wonderful pup’s favorite toy is her stuffed piece of pizza, and she’s always happy to have it.

Of all the things that Mochi loves, the thing she loves the most is dressing up! She loves to dress up in anything and everything she can, and she always looks so cute! Mochi wears all sorts of adorable things, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the gorgeous outfits she wears!

Mochi has worn dozens of costumes, everything from pumpkins to gumball machines! Some of her cutest costumes of all have been a frog, the yin and yang symbol, and even a Halloween pumpkin! Mochi is the master of costumes, without a doubt.

Mochi’s favorite things to dress up as are food! She loves to eat, and dressing up as food is a sure way to make this little pup’s tail wag a mile a minute! She’s dressed up like a cup of noodles, a lobster, and a cup of noodles! It’s safe to say she’s the cutest food we’ve seen in ages!

This dog of many outfits is sure to make you smile on even your worst days. Mochi makes the world a better place every day, by bringing a smile to the faces of everyone who sees her adorable photos. This spectacular pup brought a smile to my face, and I can only hope that it makes you smile too!

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