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Mom Asks Dog About Torn Up Mattress. Within Seconds The Pup's Reaction Makes It Clear Who The Guilty Party Is

October 05, 2017

There should be no debate that our canine friends are some of the most adorable animals on the planet. It often takes a single sappy look from our pets to melt our hearts and to bend us to their will. This point is true, even when our pets are guilty of crimes that only they could commit. Shadow, the German Shepherd, proves this fact perfectly when his mom sees him sitting in the corner of the kitchen looking slightly suspicious.

As his mom enters the kitchen, Shadow puts on an innocent face and waits for her to pass. Mom goes into the other room, and that is where she finds the scene of the crime. A mattress is lying on the floor, chewed up and torn into pieces. There is only one culprit that could have done this, so mom picks up a handful of the mattress, as evidence, and takes it back into the kitchen where Shadow is still sitting.

Mom presents the evidence to Shadow and the pup puts on a face of mock surprise, hoping to show his "innocence." This doesn't work, however, and when his mom asks him if he is responsible for the mattress destruction, Shadow cannot even make eye contact with her. After a few moments of interrogation, Shadow decides that the best form of action is to give mom an apologetic hug and kiss. Of course, after that, mom can't stay mad at the pup but warns him against any further destruction. It looks as though doggie cuteness wins again! Watch the guilty pup in the video, below.

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