Mom Hides From Her Quads In Pantry, And The Video Has Us Cracking Up

October 27, 2017

We can all use a break sometimes, right? Well, for Ashley Garner, mom of a set of all-girl quintuplets she had to resort to locking herself in her pantry to eat a treat.

After eight years of infertility, the Garners got the surprise of a lifetime when IVF worked; both eggs that were implanted split, and they got two sets of identical twins.

As you can imagine, Ashley and her husband Tyson have their hands full. This is definitely a relatable moment for all the moms out there who just need a break sometimes - and we don’t even have quintuplets - so no judgment here! This adorable and hilarious video went viral when she posted it to her Facebook page.

"Dad’s out shoveling the driveway. Mom desperately needed a treat to get through the rest of the night, so I’m hiding in the pantry eating a treat. Is that wrong?” she says in the clip. "They don’t ever go away. They want everything you have.” She pans the camera down to show one of her little girls peeking from under the door. “Hi,” the toddler says. Too cute!

This video caught the attention of The Ellen Show - no surprise there - and Ellen HAD to meet the Garner crew. Watch Ashley, Tyson, and her four adorable daughters - Indie, Esme, Scarlett, and Evangeline - take 'The Ellen Show" by storm. Looks like I need to find myself a pantry!

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