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Mom is Caught Kidnapping Puppies. When You Learn The Reason Why, Will You Still Consider Her Guilty?

October 23, 2017

Many girls grow up dreaming of one day being a mama; from the time they’re little, they play “house” and pretend to have babies of their own. For most young girls, the hopes of having a family are almost instinctual; they’re not sure why, but they have a burning desire in their hearts of one day having a family.

Actually, this is true for many females of all species, not just humans. Most of the time, female animals have an innate nature to soothe and nurture others. Even in the wild, this trait seems to be shared across nearly all females. For one sweet ole barn cat, the yearning to be a mom was strong.

What started out as a dream quickly turned to tragedy when barn cat, Miss Kitty, lost all of her kittens in an unknown accident. Just days after giving birth, her kittens were stolen from her by a bigger predator on the farm. As she grieved the loss of her litter, her owners noticed her mood to be down more often than not.

Around the same time that Miss Kitty had lost her babies, a dog on the farm named Smoochy was near delivery herself. While the two were not usually close, owners noticed Miss Kitty hanging around Smoochy more and more. The day finally came when Smoochy gave birth, and Miss Kitty made sure to stick around.

Surprisingly, Smoochy showed no interest in mothering her new babies and Miss Kitty was catching on that the puppies weren’t getting the love and nourishment that they needed. So, she took matters into her own hands! Her owners even managed to get a picture of Miss Kitty in the act!


One-by-one, Miss Kitty sneaked the puppies over to her barn. Once she had the litter to herself, she kept them warm and cleaned them. The owners made sure to feed the pups milk throughout the day since Miss Kitty wasn’t able to. Aside from not being able to produce milk for the pups, Miss Kitty was a perfectly-suited mama to the new puppies.

Even in the midst of Miss Kitty’s tragedy, she was fortunate enough to make a family for herself and Smoochy’s puppies. As the puppies grow, surely Miss Kitty’s love for them will, too - and that is a beautiful story.

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