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Mom Leaves 2 Toddlers Alone For Just Moments. When She Returns To The Living Room, She Can’t Believe What She's Walked Into

February 07, 2018

Children have a way of cheering people up, no matter how stressed or down we might get. They’re known for their adorable little smiles, silly antics, and innocence. Although sometimes, children can actually be the biggest stressors.

One mom knows this reality all too well.

After leaving her two children unaccompanied for just a couple of minutes, she was shocked to return to her living room and see what she describes as “a room destroyed by an avalanche.”

Toddlers, Zack and Andrew, made quite the mess when they got their hands on a one-pound bag of flour. Let’s just say, they had some fun with the popular baking ingredient.

The two boys completely covered their family room! The chairs, the couches, the entertainment center, and the entire floor was dusted with the white powder. There wasn’t a spot in the whole room that was without white.

When the mom walked into the room, she was shocked, to say the least. I have a hard time believing that she would stay upset for too long, simply because her two boys are so adorable in their innocent efforts to have fun.

What would you have done in this instance? At this point, the damage is done. I say, laugh first, clean later. What do you think?

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