Mom Sees A Family Of Moose in Her Yard. Then The Sprinkler Comes On And The Hilarious Reason Why They Came Is Revealed

September 06, 2017

If you are like me, you enjoy a stroll around the block in your neighborhood from time to time. While you are on these walks, chances are you see a pet or two in your neighbors' yards. Those pets are probably dogs and cats, right? Well, if neighbors in this particular neighborhood happen to go for a walk today, they won't see a dog or a cat in the front yard. They’ll see a family of moose! Needless to say, this is a bit out of the ordinary.

The family inside the house comes to their front window to see what all the commotion is about and, sure enough, there is a mother moose and her two calves staring right back at them. The mom quickly grabs her camera and films the entire ordeal. The family is confused as to why the moose are in the front yard and aren't sure how to get rid of them. The moose look down in front of them and see that there is a sprinkler running in the yard. This is when the people finally see why the moose have made a special trip to their front yard. They need to cool off!

The mother moose stands directly in front of the sprinkler, letting the water soak her all over, while her two children have a splendid time playing in the water. The two calves behave just like any child would, jumping over the sprinkler again and again. The moose simply want to have a bit of fun and enjoy the cool water before making their way back home. No one expects to see a moose family in their front yard but it sure does make for an entertaining day, to say the least. Watch the video, below, to see the hilarious encounter.

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