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Child Custody Exchange Turns Deadly - Louisiana Woman Shoots Estranged Husband In Front Of Their 3 Kids

September 11, 2018

Divorce is an emotional time in any couple’s life. And no matter whose ‘fault’ it is or who wants out and who doesn’t, both parties experience feelings that cannot compare to anything else in life. Here is the relationship that you vowed to stay in until ‘death do you part’ and now it’s over. It’s always a stunning and difficult process to get through.

And when there are children involved, things often become more acrimonious, especially when it comes to child support, custody, and visitation rights. Not even the rich and famous are immune to this highly stressful aspect of the ‘uncoupling’ experience.

Sometimes, the acrimony and distress become so intense that one of the parties feels driven to take unimaginable action, and often times the results are devastating to those caught in the middle - like the children. And we see these incidents all too often in this day and age…

One such tragedy unfolded in rural Louisiana, and the outcome is not good. The incident started as a simple custody exchange and ended in death for one of the exes.


Kayla Coulee, 31, was meeting with her estranged husband, Thomas Coulee, Jr., in a Walmart parking lot to hand off their two-year-old daughter to her father.

No one knows exactly what prompted Kayla to do so, but she ended up shooting Thomas, leaving him mortally wounded. Kayla’s other two children, ages five and seven, were also in the car when the shooting occurred.

Police were called and when they arrived on the scene, they discovered Kayla and her three children sitting in the car and her ex-husband lifeless on the ground nearby.


Thomas Coulee Jr. “had been shot once in the chest. First responders attempted to revive him but were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at the scene,” according to a police news release obtained by PEOPLE.

Kayla Coutee “was taken into custody while her three children were taken to police headquarters. She was charged with second-degree murder.

“None of the children were injured, and they had been sitting in their car during the shooting. They were later released into the custody of family members, the news release states.


“Police have not discussed a possible motive. Bourgeois tells PEOPLE police were investigating the possibility that Kayla Coutee had been served a restraining order.”

Please join us is praying for the children as they mourn the loss of not only their father but also their mother. Kayla Coutee has been charged with second-degree murder and is being held on a $1,000,000 bond.

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