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Mom Wanted A Cute Picture Of Her Daughter, Then She Saw What Else Showed Up In The Photo

April 03, 2017

As parents, we want cute pictures of our kids.

Sometimes it may take some staging to get it right...and sometimes you are caught by surprise by something.

Bianca Dickinson just wanted a cute photo of her daughter. The wind was blowing like crazy so she didn't really notice when something moved.

Then she realized it wasn't just some bark being blown around.

It was a huge snake sliding right by her 2-year-old, Molly!

What?! I would have freaked out!

This wasn't just any ole little snake either. It was a 6 foot long eastern brown snake.

Eastern brown snakes just happen to be known for being the second most venomous snake in the world.

Seriously?! It was RIGHT next to the little girl!

Good thing he just kept slithering on.

So glad Molly wasn't hurt and they have this super cute photo to remember this crazy incident!

Via: Facebook

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