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More Heartbreak For Meghan As She Suffers Unthinkable Personal Tragedy Just Days Ahead Of Wedding. How Can She Possibly Recover in Time?

May 14, 2018

NO bride should have to suffer the trials and tribulations that Meghan Markle is going through - with just a few days until her wedding to Prince Harry of Britain. All eyes are on her as she braves one disappointment after another at the hands of her American family.

In the past week, alone, we learn that her mother, Doria Ragland, could not make it to London in time for Mother’s Day, something Meghan was very much looking forward to. She would certainly have benefitted from having the loving support of her mum with all the turmoil she was to face in the coming week.

If that wasn't enough, another bombshell was dropped. Meghan learned about fake photos staged by her half-sister Samantha Grant, in an effort to raise her side of the family’s esteem in the court of public opinion.

That plan backfired big time, with her father only being accused of selling her daughter's life for money. The damage was already done by the time her half-sister finally admitted that it was she who had done the deed.

Next, we learned that her father, the subject of the controversial photos, was so upset and disgraced about the consequences of the snaps that he suffered a heart attack! What a horrible thing to happen!

Now, it seems that due to either his poor health or his mortification over the whole staged photos scandal, Thomas Markel, Sr. has announced that he is no longer planning to attend the wedding.

That means the bride no longer has an escort for the most important stroll of her life and, as a result, she will be the object of everyone’s sympathy on her big day. Not exactly what a bride is going for on her wedding day.

Poor Meghan can't get a break! With only a few days to go before her historic walk down the aisle, she will have to now face the prospect of going it alone.

At this late date all the important men in her life have already taken on other assignments for the wedding, so it is unlikely there will be a replacement waiting in the wings.

The only question that remains is whether or not Doria will walk Meghan down the aisle in addition to her original role of accompanying her daughter in the car to St. George's Chapel. Or will the bride go solo?

At this point, whichever way it goes, the disgraced actress will be scrutinized as she makes that long walk, and will be the recipient of the sincere sympathy of all who are watching. We just hope that those who might criticize her can find it in their hearts to place the blame squarely where it belongs - on her estranged family.

To reminisce about those early days when all Harry and Meghan had to do was look forward to their future together as man and wife - before all these unfortunate scandals - watch the video, below.


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