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Mortally Wounded And In Excruciating Pain, Lola Lies Right Where She Landed After Being Tossed Away Like Trash. Is Anyone Coming? Or Is It Already Too Late?

March 02, 2018

This story truly disturbed me, and you may ask why in the world I would want to share it. Well, the answer is simple. To bring to light the world-wide crisis of abandoned and abused animals and to share the good news that there are people out there who devote their lives to helping these living creatures that cannot fend for themselves

One such organization is Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India that spends every single day working to make life better for as many critically injured, horrifically abused, and cruelly abandoned animals as they can. Responding to reports coming into their 24-hour hotline, they are constantly at the ready when a plea for help comes in.

This story has a horrendous beginning and the photos are brutal. I caution you to beware if you have a weak stomach. Including the visuals is important to understand just how crucial the need is for so many precious pets out there. (Images are blurred within the story, but not in the video.)

In our story, we follow the heroic rescue and miraculous recovery of a sweet pup named Lola. She had been tossed over a guardrail into a trash heap. Unable to move and in unimaginable agony due to a gaping abdominal wound, the poor girl can do nothing except hope that someone will spot her and come to her aid.

Lucky for Lola that someone does see her and notifies A.A.U., who are on their way in a flash! When the team arrives, their first challenge is to get down to where Lola is lying without startling her.

Not to be deterred, one young man jumps over the wall and comes in for a closer look at the canine.

In spite of the brutal injury to her abdomen, this trusting girl wags her tail the entire time! What an indomitable spirit she must have! In the face of her dire condition, she remains hopeful that this man will be the key to her salvation.

Carefully wrapping the injured animal in a blanket, the man gently lifts Lola from her resting place so he can transport her to the waiting rescue vehicle.

When the team delivers her to the clinic, doctors are at a loss for words at the sight of her gruesome wound. Somehow, her entire abdomen has split open and her internal organs are spilling out of the breached body cavity. With concern for injury to her organs and the likelihood of infection, the medics must come up with a plan that doesn’t make her condition worse.

After meticulously cleaning the tissues, they pack the opening with medicated bandages in order to preserve the integrity of Lola’s vital organs.

They must wait for her condition to stabilize before performing surgery to repair the laceration.

When the day for her operation arrives, Lola is sedated and the doctors go about the daunting task of repairing the significant trauma that she has suffered. The doctors work their magic and before you know it, Lola is out of surgery and on her way to full recovery.

Healed, vaccinated, and spayed, Lola is a brand new dog! Now, she gets to look forward to spending the rest of her days in the loving care and joyful companionship of not only her saviors but also all the other rehabilitated animals that were brought to A.A.U. when no one else would help them.

Thank you, Animal Aid Unlimited for your unwavering devotion to giving downtrodden outcasts a second chance at life.

To see more about Lola’s miraculous recovery and to get a glimpse of her new wonderful life, watch the video, below.

*WARNING: Graphic images in the video have not been blurred out!

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