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14-Year-Old Girl Brutally Murdered By Crazed Mother As She Frantically Tried To Call 911 For Help; Now, The Family Is Yearning For Your Prayers

December 21, 2018

A 52-year-old Washington woman has been taken into custody for allegedly murdering her own 14-year-old daughter. According to sources, Svetlana Laura was arrested by local authorities after a 911 call was issued from their home by a severely panicked Natalie Gulizia.


After some investigation, authorities have been told that Laurel and her estranged husband, Michael, share custody of their two children. When Laurel arrived on the property where Michael and the children resided, that’s when the devastation broke loose.

According to PEOPLE: “The boy, who was home alone, let his mother inside. Once inside, he told police that she asked him to show her around and then brought him upstairs and zip-tied him. She allegedly stuffed a sock in his mouth and taped it shut.” Sadly, the madness didn’t stop there.


Michael and Natalie returned home together around 8 pm that evening. The official affidavit details: “Svetlana drew a pistol and told [the father] that she was going to shoot him because he had ruined her life.”

It was in this moment that Natalie knew she had to act quickly in order to keep her family alive. Little did she know that her boldly heroic move would cost her life.


She dashed upstairs as quickly as she could and frantically dialed 911. The recorded conversation quickly alerted the emergency dispatcher that the situation was rapidly escalating. In a panic, Natalie told the operator that she was hiding the phone in her pocket because she could hear her crazed mother approaching. She was smart enough to leave the caller on the line as a secret witness.

“The operator reported that she could hear Laurel yelling in the background ‘you called 911’ and the saying something about ‘blow your head off,’’ sources state. Shortly after, a gunshot was heard followed by loud screaming.


At 8:32 pm, officers swarmed the home and immediately took Laurel into custody. Natalie was pronounced dead at the scene and her brother and father sustained minimal injuries.

Please be in prayer for Natalie’s father, brother, and the rest of her family as they mourn her tragic and unexpected loss and for Laurel as she serves time for the heinous crime she committed against her own flesh and blood.

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