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Passerby Horrified To Find Momma Dog And Pup Abandoned In Middle Of Road. When She Gets Close Enough, Something Stops Her In Her Tracks

September 27, 2018

We simply cannot imagine why anyone would commit such a cold-blooded act - tying up a momma dog and her four pups in a flour sack and tossing them in the middle of a road, in the middle of nowhere. But thank heavens that an act of kindness followed - and made the difference between life and death for this little canine family.

These sweet pups had little to no chance of survival . . . that is until a Brazilian couple just happened by and found them. 

From a distance, the man and woman cannot tell what is awaiting them when they get closer, but they can make out the shape of a dog lying in the middle of the country road. With no one in sight that the dog could belong to, they know they need to explore further.

As they approach the mound, they get a better picture of what is going on and they are completely floored by what they discover! The dog they had seen from afar is actually tied up in a burlap bag with only her head sticking out. Beside her is one frightened little puppy who seems confused and concerned by what is happening.

And that's not the worst of it! As they move to the other side of the bagged dog, they see movement and hear whimpering coming from the foot of the sack and they are stunned to realize that there are more puppies inside!

An emotional and lengthy conversation ensues between the man and woman, and from the sounds of it they disagree on what to do. Soon we see the man with scissors in his hand, looking as though he is about to cut the trapped dogs loose.

At that point, his wife must say something to change his mind because the next thing you know, the man picks up the sack, puppies and all, and carries it to their waiting car.

They place the sack on the leather seat and put the puppy that was not in the bag, next to the momma. Now is the time to open the sack to see what's inside. Will all the puppies be alive?

Thankfully, the answer is "YES!" Once the remnants of the burlap bag are cut away and the puppies are freed, the couple must decide what to do next. This is where the video ends but, fear not, I found the rest of the story. Thank you, internet!!

It turns out that the couple, Josiane Almeida and her husband, decided to take the dogs home with them and give them the care they had so cruelly been denied by their previous owners. Once the family of five was given food and water, Josiane contacted the vet to get a medical exam scheduled.

The news was not good. Although the pups were pronounced healthy and likely to make a full recovery, the mother dog was diagnosed with a form of cancer that would need to be treated right away. Maybe this is why the owners dumped her - expensive medical treatments could have been what led them to make such a drastic decision.

Josiane and her husband will stand by all five pups until they are ready to go to forever families of their very own. Until then, the couple will be showing the sweet canines that humans CAN be loving and giving - and not just the source of pain and misery like the ones they knew before.

To see more of this heartwarming story of the dogs' discovery, retrieval, and recovery, watch the video, below.

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