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Mother Dog Stuffed In Sack With Newborns In The Middle Of Desert. The Shocking Rescue Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

April 05, 2018

When Almeida, a local dog rescuer, received a phone call from a friend in full hysteria, she knew that something was seriously wrong. Even though she prepared herself for something tragic, there was no way to prepare her for what she was about to see…

Almeida’s friend shared that she had discovered a dog stuffed in a canvas bag in the middle of a deserted country road.

Immediately, Almeida rushed towards the area that the dog was spotted at. As she got closer to the scene, she saw the dog in the bag in the distance. The dog’s head was sticking out of the bag and it appeared to be wrapped around her body so tightly that she couldn’t even stand.

Almeida recorded the rescue while her rescue partner assist. As she got closer to the dog, something peaked around the corner that literally stole her breath.

A newborn puppy came out from behind its mother and let out a cry. That’s when Almeida realized that the dog that was trapped wasn’t just any dog- she was a mother. That’s the same moment that she noticed the unthinkable...

At the same exact time, Almeida heard more crying come from the canvas sack… Could it be that there were more puppies in the back crying out for help?

Almeida’s partner calmed the dog down by petting her making her feel safe. At that moment, he began cutting the canvas bag open. Once the bag was open, the two rescuers realized that there were multiple puppies stuffed in a bag with their mother.

They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. All they could think about was what kind of person would stuff a mother dog and her newborn pups in a canvas bag and leave them in the desert to die?

They had to act fast because they puppies were severely dehydrated from the heat and lack of oxygen. They rushed the mother dog and her puppies to the closest vet clinic where they immediately were given food, water, and the care they needed. The puppies were given vitamins to help them quickly regain what little strength they had.

After hours in the vet, the puppies began regaining their strength. Thankfully, they were all well enough to put up for adoption and go to loving families. If it weren’t for Almeida and her partner, this mother dog, and her puppies would have died in the desert heat.


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