Mother Duck Fears the Worst as She Sees Her Babies Struggling to Exit a Backyard Pool. Watch as One Human Finds an Ingenious Solution to the Duckling Dilemma

August 30, 2017

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “like a duck to water”. Most of us would agree that there is a no more natural swimmer than the duck. You may occasionally see them waddling along the side of a road, but I can guarantee you that it is only because they are on their way either to or from a pond or lake!

Yes, ducks love the water and it’s obvious that they are most at home paddling about in the wet stuff. Just one look at their webbed feet and superior swimming ability makes you realize that they are made for an aquatic environment. Although ponds, lakes, and rivers are the preferred locations for their aquatic adventures some ducks are not so picky when it comes to the nature of the H2O in which they paddle.

The baby ducks in this video, evidently, did not get the memo about where their swim would take place this afternoon. It is clear that, to them, water is water. It’s all fun and games until Momma Duck decides it’s time to get out and her babies are not so sure how to accomplish that feat.

The adorable ducklings have either fallen or jumped into this backyard swimming pool and, because the ledge is too high for them, cannot climb out. Their flying abilities must not be honed yet because they do not seem to try that exit strategy. Momma Duck does her best to coax them to a way out, but none of the options seem manageable for the babies. It’s adorable to watch the ducklings follow the mother back and forth as she hurries down the length of the pool in order to get her babies out. She is their “true north” and the babies look to her for the solution to their problem. After some time, the momma becomes more and more distressed, worried that her babies are never going to be able to get out.

The family who owns the pool have been following the Duck Drama and notice that the babies are not making any headway in their attempts to get out of the pool. The family members become concerned, as time goes by, and decide to offer some human assistance.

After climbing into the pool and making various attempts to corral the wayward swimmers, the father comes up with a brilliant idea that ultimately solves the duckling dilemma! Watch the video, below, to discover how his ingenious plan saves the day for this darling duck family!

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