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Mother Horse Cries After Her Foal Gets Trapped In Bridge Planks. When Man Hears Mama’s Crying He Sprints Toward The Sound

January 25, 2018

One day, two men were out walking along a trail in the foothills when they heard something coming from the distance. At first, the men stopped walking and stood silently hoping to hear the worrisome sound a little more clearly. As they stood still, they heard nothing but the birds and the water that flowed from the stream. Right before they took their next step, they heard what sounded like crying. This time, they were sure of it.

The men looked all around them and saw nothing but trails and nature. They knew that they had to follow the sound in order to help whatever it was that needed saving.

That’s when they finally found what they were looking for; the two men were mere feet away from a mother horse and her foal. The mother was standing above her distraught foal who was stuck inside the bridge.

The men had no idea what to do, but they knew that they had to act fast. The mother horse began breathing quickly which worried the foal; the foal would panic and try to wiggle its way out of the bridge but would only get himself deeper into the bridge. The men watched in horror as the small and weak foal unknowingly trapped himself more. They couldn’t wait any longer.

One many began walking toward the foal, not knowing whether or not his attempt to rescue to the little one would be successful. As he moved toward the foal, the mother horse watched. She must have known that the man was trying to help hrr little one because she watched patiently instead of causing more ruckus.

The man grabbed the horse by his neck and tried to pull him straight up and out of the bridge. He had to be very careful because he didn’t want to break the horse’s weak legs. The man’s first attempt was unsuccessful and the foal spun around and managed to get himself stuck the other direction.

The man gave it another go and this time he was successful! The foal managed to get his foot right so that he didn’t fall in between the bridge planks a third time. The man knew that if the foal got its leg stuck again, he would be in great pain. That’s when the man physically picked up the foal and carried him across the bridge!!

The mother horse followed the man and her foal over to the side of the bridge. Once the mother was with her baby, she was so happy! Funny enough though, she walked away with her baby and stomped her foot, almost as if she were giving her little one a good scolding! I guess moms will be moms!! Check you the video, below, to see the incredible rescue!

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