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Mother Horse Gives Birth To Twin Foals After Science Calls It Impossible

November 02, 2017

Horses are some of the most majestic creatures on Earth; they are mightily-strong and breathtakingly-beautiful. From birth to adulthood, horses get more gorgeous as time goes on. If you’ve ever seen a horse in person, consider yourself one of the lucky ones - for they are truly amazing animals.

If a horse, on its own, is considered one of the world’s most awesome animals, imagine a pregnant horse. They are even more majestic in their size, stature, and power. Now, consider a pregnant horse carrying twins! Horses are very rarely able to become pregnant with twins because of the amount of space a foal takes up inside its mother.

The truth is that female horses very rarely become pregnant with twins. If such a pregnancy does happen, only a small percentage of them make it to term; the chance of a healthy twin-birth is less than 5%.

That’s what makes this story so amazing; this mama became pregnant and carried both babies to term. Many times, one of the twins (most likely the smaller twin) has several health problems. In this miraculous story, both babies were born healthy and the mama was also healthy! Horse-lovers everywhere are rejoicing!

Shortly after the mama gave birth, her owners watched in fear that one of the foals would experience shortness of breath or some sort of exhaustion from being underweight. They were pleasantly surprised, however, to see two happy foals! The twins were even strong enough to walk just moments after birth - another great rarity.

The owners were in complete shock that this mother’s delivery of twins was not only healthy, but fast and stress-free. The owners weren’t able to record the birthing process in time, but they did capture some amazing moments immediately following it. Their foals were so calm, their daughters were even able to pet and love-on one of the twins. So amazing!

Clearly, these babies and their mama were blessed! Health is something that you can’t bank on, so this birth story was a rarity - times three! I am so happy to learn that this incredible birth story is one of beating the odds! This is truly a miracle birth!

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