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Nala’s Hysterical Antics With A Red Balloon Is Making Everyone Laugh In Her Hysterical Video

February 19, 2018

There is nothing Nala loves more in life than going to the park and spending her day having a bundle of fun! Recently, her owners decided to take her fun level up to an entirely new level by bringing a new toy into a mix - a big red balloon. They never expected her to love the balloon just as much as she did!

When they brought the balloon out, Nala seemed to instinctively know the game that everyone played as a child - keep the balloon from hitting the ground! She’s clearly a natural at it as she leaps high into the air, spinning and even doing backflips as she fights to keep the balloon in the air!

The game came to an end when the owner bounced the ball up and Nala missed the next jump, and the two scrambled along with it on the ground, trying to keep it in the air. The game was ruined completely when Nala got a little too mouthy with the balloon and it popped. She wasn’t too upset about the loss because it was just worth it to have the time playing with her dad.