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Nala The Cat Was Abandoned By Her Former Owners, Now She's An Instagram Star

September 01, 2017

As the internet grew and evolved into what it is today, we saw the rise and fall of many things on that platform. Many sites, jokes, and internet memes have shot to stardom, like a rocket in the night, only to fade away into oblivion. Some internet fads have been lucky to stand the test of time and, of those, there has been one that has ruled above all else. Cats are some of the most popular things on the Internet, and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh at a cat every once in a while!

Cats are some of the most endearing critters around with their adorable button noses and almond-shaped eyes. Plus, these magnificent animals come in a wide variety of colors, which means there’s one to match everyone's preference! With their curiosity and playful behavior, they remind us of children, another reason why we love them so much - we’re pre-programmed to love them!

Nala is a gray tabby, her pelt the color of a cloudy winter day, accented with ebony markings. Her eyes are as blue as the arctic ocean and round as can be. Her appearance is striking, and her round eyes help this beautiful cat stand out among her peers.

Nala was abandoned as a kitten by her former owners at a shelter. Sadly, 70 percent of all cats who enter a shelter will not leave through the front door. Luckily for Nala, she was one of the 30 percent who find homes. When Nala was adopted, they found she had breathing problems that required immediate intervention. Now, Nala is a healthy cat - but she’s not completely normal. Her new owner started an Instagram account for her, and she now has over 3.4 million followers!

Her family consists of her owner and her two cat sisters, Luna Rose and Coffee. Both have their very own Instagram accounts where you can follow along with their antics, as well! Luna Rose is a year-old Scottish Fold mix with snow-colored fur, smattered with pumpkin orange and storm cloud gray markings. She even has 317,OOO followers! Coffee is a two year-old British shorthair cat, and his coat is white with the lightest hint of gray on his face. Coffee is a cancer survivor, and has over 1.5 million followers as well!

This is one famous cat household; the three siblings often travel to Cat Con and make other public appearances! Together, these superstars have a combined 5.2 million followers and over 7700 posts!

While cats are often used as the tools of evil people in popular media, these three are using their powers for good! These internet stars donate a portion of the proceeds, from the sale of their phone cases and t-shirts, to three different animal charities!

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