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Neglected Calf Loses Two Hooves To Frostbite. When His New Mom Steps In, 'Hero' Finds The Strength To Overcome Every Obstacle

October 18, 2017

I have always heard it said that it does not matter how you start; it only matters how you finish. This saying is so encouraging because it means that, no matter what life throws at us, we can conquer every single mountain that stands in our way. Hero, a once-tiny calf, knows this fact better than most people, or animals for that matter.

Hero's life started out under rather rough circumstances. Hero's mother rejected him at birth leaving him alone and confused. Hero's owner decided to sell the calf to a man who wanted to raise an animal with bottle-feeding. Hero's new owner, however, didn't have the proper knowledge to take care of Hero and the little calf became extremely thin.

Hero was then left outside in freezing conditions, and his hooves froze to the ground. Because of this neglect, doctors had to amputate Hero's back hooves. Despite all of this, hope still shone through, in the form of a woman named Kitty Martin. Kitty heard about Hero's situation and was willing to take the calf to her ranch and care for him.

Kitty sympathized with the tiny calf because she too is the product of a neglectful environment. So, despite Hero's weight and his proneness to infection, Kitty began the long process of nursing the calf back to health. Because Kitty knew what it is like to have people fighting for her, she decided to fight for Hero with all she had. Kitty called Texas A&M to set up an evaluation for Hero.

At first, the examiners weren't optimistic about Hero's chances, but soon they saw that Hero was the perfect choice to receive the best help they could offer. Hero didn't even need sedation as the workers examined him. After they finished all their tests, the examiners discovered that there was no infection in Hero's bones and they began researching ways to give Hero the best life possible.

After a successful surgery, the examiners gave Hero a series of prosthetics to try on; these would take the place of his hind legs. Hero gained all his weight back and began to thrive and to love life for the first time. Despite all of the health scares, Hero pulled through and conquered adversity at every turn, all thanks to Kitty, the mother that never gave up on him. Hero is currently living his dream, safe and sound, on Kitty's ranch, surrounded by all the animal-siblings he can handle! Watch the video, below, to see Hero's incredible journey for yourself.

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