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New Clue About Missing Arizona Girl Found In A Shocking Location

March 21, 2018

A new clue about the disappearance of Mikelle Biggs has been bringing new light to her case, and hope to her family. Mikelle disappeared on January 2, 1999 in Mesa, Arizona, and there has been no trace of her since, until March 14 that is. Police in Neenah, Wisconsin, were called when someone received a dollar that a mysterious note written on it.


The note read “My name is Mikel Biggs kidnapped From Mesa AZ I’m Alive.” The handwriting on the note is childish, and seems to be written half in cursive. One of the biggest notes of contention with the note is that Mikelle’s name is spelled incorrectly. Neenah Police Investigator Adam Streubel has his doubts about the origins of the note, as he doubts that any child would misspell their own name.


Mesa Police will be investigating further, but if it is proven to be Mikelle’s handwriting, there is not much they will be able to do. There is no knowing when the note was written, or even how it ended up in Neenah at all. The family still prays for a break in the case, as there has not been a single bit of evidence or a real potential lead since her disappearance.


Mikelle and her sister had been outside waiting for the ice cream truck in front of their house. Mikelle rode her bike while her younger sister, Kimberly, went inside to speak with their mom. Less than 90 seconds later, Mikelle was gone. The only sign that she had ever been there at all was her abandoned bike and the quarters scattered all over the ground. Hopefully, this could be the break they’ve been searching for.

This is a horrible story, and we know that sometimes we need a reminder of the good in the world after a horrible time like this, so be sure to check out the video below!