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Royal Couple That Has Unexpectedly Become Our New Favorite - By Just Being ‘Normal.’ Why We Love Zara And Mike Tindall

August 07, 2018

Amid all the hoopla over Harry and Meghan and their aromatic fairytale wedding; and William and Kate and their darling three children; and the upcoming nuptials of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank; another charismatic Royal couple who has remained pretty much in the background has emerged front-and-center in recent months. And the reason why is quite fascinating - and unexpected.

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter (by way of daughter Princess Anne and then-husband Captain Mark Phillips), married rugby star Mike Tindall in 2011. They have a daughter, Mia who is four and a brand new baby girl, Lena, born in June 2018.

Princess Anne’s two children, Zara and Peter have stayed pretty much in the background - by choice - as their mother and father decided to raise her children in a ‘normal’ fashion, and eschewed giving them the titles of ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess.’

“I’ve been very lucky,” Zara told an interviewer “My parents didn’t give us titles, so we’ve been able to have a slightly more normal upbringing. As soon as you’ve got a title, it’s very difficult to shed it. I’m very lucky that both my parents decided not to use the title and we grew up and did all the things that gave us the opportunity to do.”

Because Zara was not tied down by many of the formal royal rules and protocol, she was able to pursue her interests and talents just like anyone else.

Consequently, she was able to work her way up to earn a spot on the 2012 Olympic equestrian team, earning a silver medal for her efforts. Very non-royal-like, wouldn’t you say?

So why have the Tindalls suddenly burst onto the scene with nearly as much press as their better-known cousins, Prince William and Prince William?

It all comes down to their relatability. While Zara is every bit as royal by bloodline as Prince Harry or Prince William, she and her brother have somehow have become much more relatable because of their lack of official roles within the ‘Firm.’

Zara and her hunky husband, Mike, are huge fans of PDA, and never shy away from a hug, caress, or smooch - not seeming to care if the whole world is watching. We can’t help but smile when we see their genuine affection for each other.

Then came the shocking announcement about her miscarriages. She had been public about the first one in 2016; she had been quite far along in the pregnancy (four months) when she suffered the loss and had to deliver the baby.

She said at the time, “I think a lot of the time you’re lucky if it happens a lot earlier.”

And then the second one, between the births of Mia in 2014 and Lena’s in 2018. “I had another miscarriage really early on. You need to go through a period where you don’t talk about it because it’s too raw but, as with everything, time’s a great healer.”

The world fell in love with Zara a little more after the tragic revelation, and we admire the vulnerability and honesty with which she shared her sad news. It’s hard to imagine this much information coming out of the Palace if the same thing would happen to Kate or Meghan.

We’re so glad we have gotten the opportunity to get to know this fascinating couple and look forward to watching Zara, Mike, Mia, and Lena as the years go on.

It’s a rare find when you have a family that can be just like you and me one day, and the next look and act just as ‘royal’ as anyone else in the family. A unique and very special combination - all in one family.


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