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New Royal Meghan Markle Receives Bold Warning From Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. Now, Millions Wonder Just How She Will Respond

July 10, 2018

From the moment they went on their first date, the fairytale romance between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has taken the world by storm. Their relationship is one that seems to exist only in our wildest dreams, yet they’ve managed to take this dream and turn it into a beautiful reality right before our very eyes.

Their backgrounds couldn’t possibly be more opposite, making them an even more intriguing couple. It’s things like this that many believe can attribute to a healthy, well-balanced relationship that will withstand the test of time.

Her drive and motivation to be the very best for her new family were apparent from the very start. In less than a year, Meghan has made a magical transition from being an effortlessly chic L.A. actress to a prim and proper British royal.

She’s given up a great deal of her life for the sake of the Crown and has proven to many that she is here to stay for good. She knew that though this would be the journey of a lifetime, it certainly wouldn’t be an easy one.

She had much to learn and little time to do so. Immediately she began her royal training, getting up to speed on all the protocols, practices, dress codes, and behaviors one should possess as an active member of the royal family.

She’s had a few months now to fully settle into her new role as Duchess of Sussex and the world has fallen more and more in love with her with each passing day. Her ability to adhere to the royal way of life has made many forget she was never a royal from the start. It’s as if she were made for this life!

With all eyes being glued on her every move, it’s only natural to understand that she would receive both criticisms and praise. One person, in particular, that she happened to catch the attention of was from another royal family.

Marie-Chantal, Princess of Greece caught wind of the quick rise to popularity this American-turned-British Duchess has gained. Marie-Chantal is the 49-year-old wife to Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece.

The Princess has a reputation of being quite outspoken about her opinions, so it comes as no surprise that she chose to forego her silence and speak up about the new Duchess of Sussex. In an interview with French magazine, Paris Match, she spilled the beans.

She started off by voicing her encouragement for the Duchess: “[I] cannot wait to see how Meghan’s role will evolve. I am sure she will have the support of everyone to succeed.”

She then went on to state a serious warning for the Duchess. As a seasoned royal, she knew that she must divulge this information as soon as possible. She said, “She will have to move away from the world of celebrities, and Hollywood, to quietly join that of other stars: the Royal Family She’s lucky to have a modern and sensitive man at her side. Harry will be there to guide her.”

She has since been praised for her thoughtful and wise warning. If Meghan ever catches wind of her words, she’ll likely appreciate them and take them to heart for the sake of her new family.

What do you think about this? Do you think Meghan should listen to Marie-Chantal’s advice?


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