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New York Police Horse And Passing Frenchie Become Best Friends On Wall Street

January 03, 2018

Police horses are some of the most well-trained animals on the planet. They can look at a loud, rioting crowd and not even bat an eye - or watch a small child race across their path without missing a step. Nothing seems to faze these magnificent creatures, except of course, for the antics of a passing French Bulldog!

It was just a normal day for this police horse as he patrolled the streets of New York City when he made a new friend on Wall Street. The horse and his partner made a stop to keep an eye on the bustling crowds and were spotted by a French Bulldog passing by on a walk. From the first moment that the French Bulldog laid eyes on the giant horse, he knew he wanted to befriend the giant animal!

The horse lowered his head over the metal barrier to smell the tiny pup, and the two touched noses in the most adorable manner. The horse watched curiously as the pup jumped and spun, dancing around the sidewalk as he looked up at his newest pal. The antics of the silly dog brought laughter and smiles to the busy New York City crowd who were hustling around.

The goofy behavior of the pup and the horse is surely lovely, and a great reminder to all of us that we should always be on the lookout for a new friend. You never know where your newest pal can be found, whether it be at work or strolling down a crowded sidewalk. You can even just be lucky enough to see the funny moments in life that we all tend to miss out on as we focus on ourselves or our phones. Luckily, we get the chance to start over every day, and I know that I will now be more focused on finding new friends or seeing the passing world than on myself.

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