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Newborn Baby Girl Was Left For Dead In 99 Degree Heat, Until One Hero Stepped In To Save Her

January 15, 2018

Babies are one of the world’s greatest treasures, and it’s hard to imagine anything bad ever happening to one. As humans, it’s ingrained in us to look after infants at all times, and the idea of harming one sickens us. Luckily for a newborn baby in Tempe, Arizona, a hero with those exact instincts was there to save her life.

On a 99 degree day in the hot Arizona town, a man saw a Jonas Brothers backpack sitting inside a shopping cart. When he heard a strange noise coming from the bag, he felt obligated to look inside the backpack. When he opened the bag, he found a beautiful baby girl wrapped in a blanket.

The hero rushed the newborn infant inside of a local grocery store to help cool her down while the store manager called the police. There was no sign of the girl’s parents, and she had no clothing on at all. Her umbilical cord was cut, but still attached to her.

When Emergency Medical Technicians arrived, they checked the bouncing baby girl over to make sure she had suffered no ill effects from being out in the heat. The EMTs came to the conclusion that the baby was only about 3 hours old at that time. Thankfully, the baby was in perfect health and the ambulance took the baby to the hospital.

The baby’s mother had multiple other options if she had decided she could not keep the baby. She could have placed the infant up for adoption, or taken advantage of the Safe Haven Law. The Safe Haven law gives mothers the option to give their baby over to staff at a fire department or hospital without repercussions. While laws vary by state, the law in Arizona states that you can give a baby up to three days old up in this manner without any criminal charges. In Arizona, the mother could also have left the child with any Emergency Medical Services Provider, Child Welfare Agency, Adoption Agency, or even church. All states have some version of the safe haven law, and the age range that you can abandon varies from three days to up to one year.

There was a fire station located within sight of the parking lot where the newborn was abandoned, but sadly a lot of people do not know about the Safe Haven laws. If more people were aware of this, perhaps future infants could be saved. Thankfully for this baby girl, she did not have to pay the ultimate price for her mother’s decision.

The baby girl is doing very well at the hospital and is expected to suffer no ill effects from the ordeal she suffered. The police are still hoping to find the mother of this infant. Thanks to this hero, this baby girl has the chance to grow and live a happy life.