Newborn Colt Wants To Settle Down For a Good Night's Sleep. When You See the Trouble He Has, You Won't Be Able to Keep a Straight Face

August 31, 2017


Just admit it. We've all had those restless nights. You know the kind I mean: the night when, no matter what you do, you just cannot get comfortable. It definitely helps to have a great mattress but, when that is not an option, you find yourself tossing and turning until you find just the right position. I never really thought about it before but, in the animal kingdom, they must have the same difficulties, owing to the fact that they often have only dirt, hay, or sawdust on which to sleep. 

You'll crack up as you watch a young colt doing his best to settle down for a good night's sleep. The trouble is that he just cannot get comfortable. It's hilarious to watch him trying all different positions, first lying this way, then that way, then every which way he can think of. I have a hunch his mom has had enough of his wiggling about, as she moves away from her restless baby to find some peace in another corner of the stable.

I guarantee you will enjoy watching the video, below, as you discover whether or not he ever finds the sweet spot he desires. If you have ever had trouble getting comfortable in your own bed, it may hit a bit too close to home. Either way, it's reassuring to know we're not the only ones who sometimes struggle to fall asleep.

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