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Discarded In A Tissue Box, Newborn Kitten Hank Was In Need Of A Miracle

November 28, 2017

Time was of the essence when a tiny creature covered in fleas was brought to a local Petco - inside of a tissue box. The creature, a newborn orange kitten, was basically left by an act of drop-and-run.

The employees knew they needed to get the poor thing help and fast! They called animal control, who knew just whom to contact, and soon the helpless babe was in the loving arms of Hannah Shaw, who is also known as the Kitten Lady.

Hannah was there within an hour. She put the tiny orphan in a warmer and took it home. Once there, the baby was put onto a heating disc to get even warmer before it's first feeding.

The starving kitten ate quite a bit for being only about four days old. After the feeding, it was time for a flea bath. After getting all cleaned up, the sweet baby was put back in a warm, cozy blanket and was ready for peaceful sleep.

They decided to name the little orange orphan that arrived in a tissue box, Hank, as in "hanky." Thinking all along that it was a boy, Hannah was a bit surprised when she took a closer look a few days after the rescue and realized little boy Hank was actually a little girl!

The name still fits her though, and she will be keeping it! Even though Hank is small for her age, she is a fighter and is doing really well. She is just the sweetest and purrs every time she is held.

Hannah says that she often hears people say that they would love to foster kittens if they won the lottery and could buy a mansion, but according to Hannah, it does not take much. Hank has a cozy little plastic tub as her home, and you won't hear her complaining!

I am so glad that there are awesome people out there like the Kitten Lady who see a need and then take it upon themselves to fill the void. Hank was an orphan in need of a miracle and Hannah was there to provide it! To see this sweetie's rescue, check out the video, below!

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