NFL Player Walks In To Shelter And Asks For The Most Un-Adoptable Dog, Leaving The Staff In Awe

October 26, 2017

Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley is one incredible guy - on and off the field. He has made a huge impact on the animal community with what he said when he walked in the doors of an animal shelter just a year ago. Ronnie and his girlfriend were in the market for a new dog, but they didn't want just any dog.

They wanted to change a life and really rescue a dog that had been pushed aside and was truly unwanted. So, when the two walked into the BARCS Animal Shelter, they had one request, “We are looking for a dog that’s been here a long time and maybe not-so-adoptable,” Ronnie said to the shelter staff.

The shelter staff immediately took the two of them over to a six-year-old dog named Winter. Winter had been in the shelter for some time because of her appearance; the sweet pup had an excess amount of skin hanging from her belly. People would see that odd-looking feature and keep walking to the next kennel. Winter had been found frightened and dehydrated on a vacant lot; she had been abandoned by what was suspected to be a breeder.

The poor girl just needed somebody to love her and take care of her. Right then and there Ronnie and Emily fell in love with the pooch and took her home. Winter immediately bonded with Ronnie and climbed up on his bed for a snuggle - and the rest is history, until a year later when Ronnie returned to the shelter to expand his doggie family. That's where he met this little guy:

This is what BARCS Animal Shelter wrote on their Facebook page, "Today, Ronnie and his teammate Matt Judon came down to BARCS for the official handoff from Zappa's foster family. Elizabeth shared Zappa's story with Ronnie, whose face was quickly overcome with a huge smile. He reached for Zappa and exclaimed, "You're a miracle baby! Now you're even more special to me." Zappa responded by giving his new daddy a million kisses, then making a puppy grunt and resting his little face in Ronnie's big arms."

"Ronnie renamed him Rico and, within an hour of finalizing the adoption, is posting on Instagram and showing-off his new little buddy. A match made in heaven? More like a match made at “Pawject Runway."

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