Niagara Falls Partially Freezes Over After A Cold Snap Hits North America, Leaving Us With Gorgeous Views

January 04, 2018

When winter creeps in, the world is covered in ice and snow, transforming the landscape into a truly gorgeous winter wonderland. Ponds and slow streams freeze over, hiding what lies beneath their silenced waves. Roads become ice-covered, and things begin to freeze, everything from the pipes in our houses to the windshield wipers on our cars.

When the world freezes over, many of the greatest and most wonderful works of nature don’t freeze. Their power is stronger than that of the freezing cold, and they refuse to stop. One of the most majestic sights in the United States is the roaring Niagara Falls, and she refuses to bend to the will of anyone.

When a freezing storm rolled in, freezing solid the lakes and streams and dumping snow on the world, Niagara Falls continued to refuse to give in. Ice built up on the falls, leaving us with some truly amazing views. Unfortunately, most of us won’t make it up there to see the stunning views before the ice melts!

Thankfully, photographers have been flocking to the falls and have been nice enough to share their stunning pictures with us! These gorgeous photos are a great reminder of the strength and beauty of nature, and it’s persistence in all circumstances. That unwillingness to bend to whatever hopes to keep us down is one thing that we can all hope to learn.

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