No Matter How Scared These Stray Pit Bull Brothers Got, They Never Lived Up To The Stereotypes

February 14, 2018

Goofy and Pluto are two adorable pit bulls who were left abandoned, running the mean streets of Los Angeles as they tried to survive on their own. They looked out for each other at all times, and curled up together at the end of the day, nestling into the bushes as they tried to keep each other warm.

When Hope For Paws Rescuers found out about Goofy and Pluto, they knew that these two handsome brothers needed to be helped. They arrived on the scene and quickly located the two, and they were able to get relatively close before the brothers ran away.

They used hamburgers to lure the pups off the road and into a parking lot. When the dogs were far enough into the lot, the owner closed the gate, trapping the dogs in the enclosed area. The dogs still weren’t safe, however, as the rescuers still had to get their leashes around them.

As they followed the dogs around the lot trying to leash them, the dogs decided to try and make a break for it. Although the fence went around the parking lot completely, they could wriggle under it and they tried their best to make it out of there.

When the rescuers were left with no other option, they grabbed the dogs by their skin and pulled them back, being as gentle as they possibly could. In these circumstances, many dogs would have bitten or fought back harder. They would have defended themselves against what they would have viewed as an attack. Thankfully, these two were better than most and accepted it without a fight.

After receiving a bath and the vet care they so desperately needed, these scared pups came out of their shell to become the happy and playful dogs that everyone had always expected they’d be. We’re sure their future is full of joy and love for years to come now.