No One Can See The Double Image In This Portrait - Can You?

December 18, 2017

Face Illusions are some of the most intriguing images out there. They’re wildly popular for their ambiguity which tends to favor two images at the same time. While millions start at the perplexing images, they can’t help but wonder what exactly they’re looking for.

This famous photo below has been circulating the world since 1888. It was first designed as a postcard in Germany for an organization called “The Anchor Buggy Company.” At first, the postcard was shared without any major notice to the hidden image. But somewhere along the lines, people started catching on.

The artist for the illusion was British cartoonist, W.E. Hill. He knew what he was doing but never intended viewers to catch on. After months of silence, he simply carried on with his career as a cartoonist. But once the image started picking up momentum, he had thousands of fans.

He called this illusion “Young- Girl Old-Woman” as it depicts a younger girl looking away and an older woman looking down. This image was the first of its kind and has stood the test of time whilst competing amongst newer photos. His image has been seen by millions of people, probably even billions at this point!

Take a look at the image below and see if you can see the double image! As mentioned above, you should see a young woman looking away and a young woman looking down and somewhat discouraged. Can you spot both ladies? If you need assistance, check out the tutorial below- for a simplified version of the original illusion.

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