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No One Can Tell How These Images Are Created - Can You?

February 11, 2018

One man is changing the way we see things - literally!! An artist from Hungary is altering the way we interpret two-dimensional images. Take a look for yourself!

Sandor Vamos understands illusions and tricks on paper more than almost anyone else. For decades, he has been perfecting the art of imagery. With some great talent and a knack for perspective and angels, Vamos is creating two-dimensional images that the world can hardly comprehend.

The technique that Vamos uses is called ‘anamorphic art.’ Anamorphic art simply implies distorted images created using adjusted images and perception. You can see in the images that Vamos creates that while he’s creating an image on a single sheet of paper, the image looks as though you can reach out and grasp it.

It can be difficult to understand or even image creating; many people can’t even create convincing stick figures. Vamos is taking his talent to the next level; the three-dimensional level!

Take a look at these images, below, and prepare to be blown away. The images are simply unbelievable!

The real question is: How in the world does he create such a masterpiece?

Check out the video, below, to see the art in action!

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