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No One Will Ever Believe That You Made This Stunning Fall Decor With Items From The Dollar Tree

October 03, 2017

There's nothing that makes me get in the mood for Fall quite like the sight of bright pumpkins. The moment I see them, I'm instantly ready for Summer to cease and this crisp new season to arrive. I feel as though, with each passing year, I become more in love with Autumn. As of late, I've found myself becoming inspired by not only pumpkins but with burlap as well. This combination just goes together like peanut butter and jelly. It's a match made in heaven, I tell you!

When I found this rustic burlap pumpkin DIY, I instantly knew it was something I'd have to try. Not only is this project affordable, but it looks as though you spent a great deal of money on this seasonal decor. With a few supplies from the Dollar Tree and a little bit of time, you'll have brightly colored pumpkin decor that will make you squeal with delight! To make these utterly adorable rustic pumpkins, you'll need a low-temperature hot glue gun, various small sticks, orange burlap, green burlap trim, foam pumpkins, lace ribbon, and craft scissors.

First, gently break off and discard the little stem on your foam pumpkin. Lay out your orange burlap on a flat surface. Place your pumpkin on the burlap and roll it up to measure out just how much you'll need to cover it entirely. Cut the burlap a little longer than the measured amount to ensure full coverage.

Once your burlap is measured and cut, fold the edge and glue down to create a nice, clean edge. Next, run a line of glue along the perimeter of the pumpkin and tightly roll it in the burlap.

Set the pumpkin upright and begin to fold in the burlap to cover the top. Run a line of hot glue diagonally across the pumpkin and fold a seam of the burlap onto it. Continue this method until the entire bottom of the pumpkin is neatly covered with the material. Do this same method to the top of the pumpkin. Now, check out the following page to see the rest of the tutorial and to see the finished result. With one look, you'll be headed to the Dollar Tree ASAP!

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