Page 2: No One Will Ever Believe That You Made This Stunning Fall Decor With Items From The Dollar Tree

October 03, 2017

Once your pumpkin is neatly wrapped in burlap, it's time to create leaves. Take your roll of green burlap trim and cut off a section. Use your hot glue gun to draw an oval leaf shape onto it and fold over the extra burlap. This creates a perfect leaf form for your pumpkin! Cut around the oval shape and discard the excess green burlap. Do this twice to create two leaves.


Next, grab a small stick to create a stem for your pumpkin. Poke the stick into the top of your pumpkin to create a hole. Take the stick out for now.

Take a leaf and hot glue it on the top of the pumpkin. Make sure that a little tip of the leaf sticks down into the stem hole. Do the same with the other leaf. Put glue in the stem hole and insert the stick.

Cut roughly six inches of lace ribbon and wrap it around the stem for additional decoration. Set in the area of your choosing, sit back, and admire your beautiful handiwork!

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