Not A Great Artist? Think again! Once You See How Easy It Is To Draw this Cute Bat You’ll Grab Your Own Sharpie And Start Creating!

October 04, 2017


I have always wished that I could draw well but I was never more than adequate - my horses and bunnies looked somewhat like the animals that were my inspiration but, no matter how I tried, I could never get them to look more than so-so. It was incredible to me that these real artists could merely picture something in their minds and magically transfer the image onto paper. There has to be a secret that the rest of us don't know. When I happened upon this video, I thought that just maybe I had uncovered that secret.

This tutorial takes the viewer, step-by-step, through the process of creating a delightful drawing of a cartoon bat. The instruction leaves very little room for error, which definitely appeals to me!  I would, however, recommend starting out with a pencil instead of a Sharpie as the instructor so boldly does. You can go over your lines later if you so choose.


I hope you enjoy this simple yet captivating video - and get ready to break out the drawing paper!

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