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Nothing Could Have Prepared Him For The Shocking Surprise He Found In The Basement Of His New Home

April 03, 2018

A flabbergasted homeowner in St. Louis Missouri has an unbelievable story to tell about his experience with his new house. He had just completed the purchase and when he went to check it out, he found the surprise of his life in the depths of the residence's basement.

Among the scattered remnants of belongings left behind by the previous owner, he found the most unexpected item. There, cruelly chained snugly by the neck, was a sweet pup absolutely desperate to escape her entrapment. It was so dark in the cellar that he could barely make out what he was seeing, but he managed to make out the fact that it was, in fact, a dog.

Unsure of how long the animal had been in the cellar, the man wisely decided against approaching the young Pitbull. Rather, he decided to call Stray Rescue, a compassionate animal organization, who were quick to respond.

They sent a team to the site right away, taking crates, leashes, and treats to deal with whatever they would face upon their arrival.

As soon as they opened the basement door and shone the flashlight at the bottom of the stairs, the most pitiful sight met their eyes. There, in the squalor of the dank, dirty cellar, straining vigorously against her restraints, was the most darling dog they had ever seen.

She seemed incredulous that someone actually came to help her, and she was immediately excited at the prospect of getting out of there.

In her enthusiasm at the prospect of climbing those stairs, she made it difficult for rescuers to unchain her but, eventually, they were successful. Watching the sweet girl prancing up the steps will warm your heart, and the rescuers were pleased as can be to see the joy they had caused.

She expressed her gratitude by jumping, nuzzling, kissing, and generally prancing around the people who had just set her free. No matter how tragic her circumstances had been just a short time ago, she was ready to get on with her life, starting with enjoying some hot dogs and a few well-appreciated pets from the humans who had just changed her life.

The ride back to the shelter was pure joy for all the occupants of the car. The recently-freed prisoner was beside herself, and she could barely restrain the elation she felt. She bounced around inside the vehicle, unable to believe her good fortune.

She found it difficult to sit still for more than a few seconds, even though she desperately appreciated the warm belly scratches and loving head pats. The rescuers couldn't help but share in the pup's jubilance and found themselves smiling from ear-to-ear watching the canine's amusing antics.

Later, Stray Rescue learned that a squatter had occupied the residence once the previous owner had moved out. The dog, whom they named Jumping Bean, had apparently belonged to him, but no one could ever find out what happened to him.

One thing is certain, though, he never came back for or ever inquired about the precious pup he had abandoned in that dingy, dirty basement.

To see more about Jumping Bean's amazing rescue and find out how she got her name, watch the video, below.


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