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Odd Photo Of Hillary Clinton Raises New Concerns About Former First Lady’s Health

May 09, 2018

After losing the 2016 presidential election, former First Lady Hillary Clinton has, for the most part, been out of the limelight. But, recently, she has become more prominent in the public eye and people are wondering how she is doing.

After her much-publicized tumble down the steps when visiting India in March, all eyes have been on Mrs. Clinton for possible explanations for her seemingly-bad luck when it comes to her health and welfare.

That is why when she appeared in New York to visit her daughter and grandchild, witnesses couldn't help but wonder about a mysterious bulge in the upper back of her blue coat. Much speculation has occurred over what it might be, but there has been no official announcement about it.


Thinking it strange that the former Secretary of State was bundled up to her neck on an 80-degree day, social media users began speculating on why. According to Daily Mail, People “are convinced that Hillary Clinton is sporting a back brace after he was spotted out in New York last week with a strange protrusion coming from under her jacket.”

Some social media comments were kind, taking a positive approach to the mystery, one joking that it might be a bullet-proof vest! Others were not so magnanimous, referencing other seemingly hidden health issues that the high-ranking democrat has supposedly endured, yet none having been addressed in the press.


One helpful follower a posted photo of possible models of said braces so people could decide for themselves.

The Daily Mail reports, “Hillary also opted for a long jacket and scarf when she took to a stage in New Zealand on Monday where she is currently engaged in a speaking tour.”

This very stiff posture was uncharacteristic of the typically more relaxed-looking Mrs. Clinton. “She was photographed sitting overly upright in her chair while she was being interviewed in front of the crowd.”

After looking at the photographs, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not this latest oddity in Mrs. Clinton’s appearance points to anything more serious that we should be concerned about. The back brace mystery comes on the heels of her recent appearance with one of her hands bandaged after a fall in the shower. This injury was admitted but the seriousness was downplayed to avoid causing alarm to her fans.

One thing we know for sure that, if the former First Lady is having a health crisis of some sort, we won’t be hearing about it anytime soon. The media seems very protective of this particular aspect of the former presidential nominee.

Regardless of the reason for the mysterious protrusion under her blue jacket, we hope that Ms. Clinton continues to enjoy a happy, vital life. She has not had the best of luck in recent months and years and we sincerely hope that things are about to take a positive turn for her.

To learn more about this mystery, watch the video, below.


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