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Older House Of Horrors Children Are Finally Getting What They Deserve

March 21, 2018

The elder Turpin children, or the “House Of Horrors” children as they’ve now come to be known, are finally getting what they have always deserved. They are now experiencing their first tastes of freedom and joy, and learning about how to lead a normal life. After being saved from their parent’s home, they spent two months at the Corona Regional Medical Center, before being released last week.

During their time at the hospital, the Turpins had the chance to learn a bunch of new skills! They learned to play the guitar and even got to participate in a sing-a-long! We’re sure they are enjoying their newfound life and freedom!


Before leaving the hospital, the staff threw them a going away party. During their two month stay, they had all bonded and formed friendships and while it was best for the eldest Turpin’s to go on to a new home, they were going to be sorely missed. The going away party featured cake and pizza, and even a karaoke machine!

The staff were sad to see them go, and there were tears shed by everyone involved. The staff refused to tell them goodbye, and would only tell them it was “until next time.” Apparently, their stay at the hospital had such an effect on them that some of them even have said they want to be nurses now!


After leaving the hospital, the Turpins were taken to an undisclosed location in rural California, where they can all live in one big house together. They each have their own beds, sheets, and even closet space. Their first day out of the hospital, they had the chance to pick citrus and make their own Mexican food and ice cream sundaes for the first time! In fact, they’ve also fallen in love with the “Star Wars” movies! They’re not alone at the house though, and they were able to have their family dogs back with them. Hopefully, this will help them as they learn to adjust to their new lives.


Their uncle, Billy Lambert, is waiting anxiously for the chance to meet his nieces and nephews, and hopes that they can have a good relationship. Before he can be allowed to meet them, he has to undergo a strict screening process, including a background check! It will be a least a few weeks before he has the chance to meet them and build new memories with them. Clearly, these kids are now getting the life they deserve.


This is a horrible story, and we know that sometimes we need a reminder of the good in the world after a horrible time like this, so be sure to check out the video below!