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Once Royal Baby Is Born, Princess Charlotte Will Officially Make History In A Way No Other Royal Before Her Has Ever Done

April 06, 2018

When a family is anticipating the arrival of a newborn, there are many things that course through their mind. Will the baby have features like Mom and have Dad’s charming personality? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? How will the baby fit in with the rest of the siblings?

I can only imagine thoughts like this have run through the minds of those in the British royal household as they collectively anticipate the impending birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child.

Without a doubt, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are over the moon with excitement for the arrival of their baby. I’m sure Charlotte is playing with dolls and pretending to care for them in preparation to help Mom with the newborn. This isn’t the first time for George, so I’m sure he’s doing a good job encouraging and teaching his little sister on how to be a proper big sibling.

Not only will there be a new little brother or little sister for Charlotte to play with, but this will also be a momentous, record-breaking moment for her. The moment the baby is born, Charlotte will be the very first female royal keep her place in line for the throne no matter the baby’s gender.

Before the Succession to the Crown Act took place in 2013, any female family member that was in line for the crown would inevitably be altered if a child born after her was male. In a statement from the act, it says, “In determining the succession to the Crown, the gender of a person born after 28 October 2011 does not give that person, or that person’s descendants, precedence over any other person (whenever born).”

This act completely reversed the one previously in place that originated in 1701 that stated brothers would always fall in line with any sister in succession to the Crown.

My, how things have changed! With the mention of this spectacular news, not only will we be congratulating the entire family on the sweet little addition, but we’ll also be congratulating Princess Charlotte for being a history maker, even if she is completely unaware of it for the time being.


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