One-Armed Young Man Defies All Odds And Inspires Everyone Who Meets Him By Excelling At His Favorite Sport

October 13, 2017

Sometimes life hands us some rather difficult circumstances. It is not these circumstances, however, that determine who we are. Instead, it is how we respond to these circumstances that ultimately makes us into the people we are today. Take, for instance, Luke Terry, a young man who is dealt, what could be to most other people, a detrimental situation.

When he was only a baby, Luke lost his right arm because of an infection, brought on by E-coli. Obviously, this was a tough time for all involved. Luke's parents determined that no one would treat their boy differently due to his handicap. Because of this decision, Luke is growing up strong and determined to conquer the world. Specifically, the world of baseball! Despite having only one arm, Luke is the catcher for his team, showing everyone that nothing can stop him from achieving his dreams.

People describe Luke's ability to play the catcher position in baseball as an "Art Form." While some call him an inspiration, Luke simply thinks of himself as one of the guys on the team. To Luke, anything is achievable because there is nothing wrong with him. Luke is a genuine superhero in my book, and I can't wait to see what he does next in life! Watch the video, below, to see Luke and his incredible life for yourself.

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