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One Hidden Detail On Royal Wedding Invitations Is Shocking Everyone Who Finds It

March 29, 2018

We are now closer to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle than ever before, and everyday it seems we get to find out new details! From whether or not the royals will be taking their honeymoon in Namibia to the surprising request a musician had for the wedding! Now that the wedding invites have been sent out, people have been studying them and learning every detail they can from them!

One of the tiniest details on the invite happens to be one that is drawing the most attention is how Meghan Markle is addressed on the invitation! Rather than being referred to as “Miss,” the invitations say “Ms.” which pays homage to the fact that she was once a married woman. According to etiquette experts, that is the correct way to refer to a divorced woman, so why is it so shocking?

According to etiquette coach William Hanson, “The royal household, in particular the queen, has never before acknowledged the honourific Ms — regardless of whether it was being used to signify a divorced woman or one who did not feel her marital status was of importance.” Clearly, this is one big sign that Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family are accepting Meghan’s status as a divorced woman and giving her the respect she deserves!