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Only 3 Days After Wedding, Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Attend Prince Charles’ Birthday To Make A Massive Statement That No One Ever Expected

May 22, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially been married for three days and still, the magic of their special day hasn’t left us. The newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Sussex have won the world over with their pure adoration for one another and we can’t seem to get enough of them!

In true Harry and Meghan fashion, the newlyweds made sure to celebrate their day with the things that matter most to them- even if they weren’t entirely “traditional.” From Meghan’s solo stride down the aisle until she met with Prince Charles, to the acapella rendition of Stand By Me- their wedding ceremony honored their hopes above stark tradition.

The couple- who have decided to delay their honeymoon in honor of their royal duties- made their first appearance since their wedding on May 22nd. They arrived at Buckingham Palace in honor of Prince Charles on his 70th birthday celebration.

The crowd cheered as they were the first to see the Duke and Duchess for the first time since their wedding. As they rejoiced in their favorite royal newlyweds, they realized something that they had never expected. As they peered closely at the couple, they were shocked to realize what they had only assumed to be a figment of their imagination…

As Prince Harry walked out with his wife, he was wearing something that no other married royal in his family has chosen to wear… he was wearing his wedding ring!

The prince gained his newest piece of jewelry during his May 19th nuptials, but many had figured that the ring exchange was simply for show, however, it appears that he’s planning on keeping the ring on his finger!

Most royal married men go without a wedding ring! To see Harry in a wedding ring was quite literally shocking! Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Prince William all have chosen to go without a wedding ring- but not Prince Harry!

His choice to wear a wedding ring is just another statement made by the Duke and Duchess confirming that they don’t follow traditions, so much as they follow their hearts. Similar to Princess Diana who was famously recorded confessing that she leads from the heart, Prince Harry has demonstrated his own choice rather than his family’s choices.

The ring looked lovely on his hand and we’re sure Meghan is proud to see her new husband sport the small band on his ring finger. We love the refreshing love of the Harry and Meghan and we look forward to seeing what other statements they’ll choose to make as a couple!


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