Oreo Has Come A Long Way - From Death’s Door To Internet Star - With Over Half A Million Followers!

September 26, 2017

Oreo Cat is one of the Internet’s most famous felines! With his adorable good looks, it’s not hard to see why he’s become so popular! Oreo and his sister, Patches, were taken in as tiny kittens, one summer, by a very caring woman. When the rescuer discovered she was allergic to the young felines, she found them a good home with her sister, Tina Modugno. Tina helped Patches find her forever home, when she was old enough, with a dear family friend.

At first, Tina wasn’t sure this tiny kitten would survive. There was one night when she had to give him mouth-to-mouth while they raced him to the vet! Thankfully, Oreo survived. Tina couldn’t help but see the star potential her new family member held and decided to help him pursue his fame! By creating some of the funniest videos of Oreo on Musical.ly, they’ve managed to earn over 650,000 followers! Of course, his Instagram account is pretty impressive too, with over 34,500 photos of this cutie-cat!

Tina has written and illustrated a book about this fabulous feline! You can even buy all sorts of Oscar merchandise, like shirts, travel mugs, bags, towels, and even notebooks! Oreo is absolutely the cutest cat, and he’s come a long way from dying kitten to Internet Star!

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