Orphaned Elephant is Saved by an Incredible Animal Hero. This Unlikely Friendship Will Leave you Smiling

July 26, 2017


At the  Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, an unlikely pair of animals have formed a friendship like no other. While the Orphanage typically only houses orphaned rhinos who are the victims of poaching, they could not turn away an orphaned elephant, and his story is not one of poaching. Baby Ellie was abandoned by his herd, most likely due to his severe health issues.


When Ellie was rescued, they found he had an umbilical abscess that left him open to deadly infections. In a majority of cases where they have this problem, the elephant won’t survive. Ellie was also unfortunate enough to develop a severe intolerance to milk! They were able to cure the infections and find him a milk replacement, but that wasn’t the end of this little guy’s struggles. Elephants that are raised by humans typically don’t have a very good chance, because they don’t have the support of their herd like they would in the wild.

Just when things were beginning to look bad for Ellie, he met Duma. Duma the German Shepherd is a former sniffer and service dog in training. Duma and Ellie met for the first time at the sand pit, and it was love at first sight. From the first moment they met, Ellie began to improve - not just physically, but mentally as well. All thanks to Duma’s companionship!



They just can’t keep these two away from one another, due to their close bond. Duma has even become protective of Ellie. While Ellie’s future may still be uncertain, one thing is sure - Duma and Ellie are sure to remain close friends.


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