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Overly Obese Labrador Retriever Is Adopted. Discover How His New Family Helps Him Become Healthy And Lose Over 60 pounds!

October 05, 2017

Sometimes the most incredible things in life happen when you least expect them. That's exactly what happened to Heidi and her family when they came across a dog ad that said, "Black Lab, a tad overweight." Even though they were not in the market for a new dog, they knew they had to meet this precious fur baby. As the owners opened the door, Shiloh came storming out of the house. His tail was wagging, he was happy as a clam, and he was massive in size! During the first encounter, Heidi was in shock, and her first thought was, "I have never seen a dog that big." Being the love bug that he was, she knew they were the perfect forever home for this adorable canine.

Adopting him right away, they knew he had a long journey ahead of him. Where a normal English Labrador weighs anywhere from 65-85 pounds, this big boy weighed a grand total of 146 pounds. Because Shiloh was having a difficult time getting around Heidi knew it was time to help Shiloh become healthy again. The family began the process by taking him on short walks that would usually stop at the end of the street. Shiloh was tired, and there was no way he could go any further, but he wasn't ready to give up just yet.

Every day he would make a little bit of progress, and his legs would carry him farther and farther. Quickly the pounds began to melt away and, after two short months, he had already lost twenty pounds. Because of his family’s dedication to being by his side every inch of the way, Shiloh now weighs eighty-five pounds. He moves around perfectly and enjoys running freely with no discomfort. He is healthy, happy, and living a wonderful life with his incredible family who have been his biggest cheerleaders since the moment they set eyes on him. It's a beautiful story demonstrating how much you can overcome when you have loved ones by your side. Enjoy!

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