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Owl Trapped And Stranded In Water. With The Help Of A Kind Soul, This Rescue Will Leave You In Amazement

August 28, 2017

As many are aware, owls are typically seen or heard in the evening or occasionally during twilight.  Mid day sightings are very rarely witnessed and if a sighting does occur it would be very uncommon to see a nocturnal animal, such as an owl, just lounging around in mid daylight.  If a sighting like this occurred, one would imagine that this animal would fly out of sight as quickly as possible in a complete panic with no plan to return.  


Craig Loving is in complete shock when he came across a majestic owl perching on a log surrounded by water.  To his amazement this beautiful bird continues to stay put showing no effort or plans to fly away.  As he takes a longer look he realizes this owl is caught in an unfortunate predicament.  With fishing wire wrapped around his wing, there is no escaping for this wild bird without the help of another.


After much contemplation, Craig willingly decides he’s going to attempt the rescue of this distraught bird.  Because of the owl’s large, razor-sharp talons and hooked beak; Craig knows this will be a difficult task to endure.  Carefully and slowly, Craig wades through the water to the trapped owl.  


He immediately cuts the fishing wire attached to the nearby bush that continues to keep the bird entrapped and in harm’s way.  The rescue mission is not over.  He still finds himself faced with the task of unraveling the bird’s wing, without getting hurt or causing the animal to go into a state of panic.  

In order to free the owl, Craig is forced to grab the owl’s wing and extend it outwards. This particular moment is complete unfamiliar territory for both the owl and Craig; it’s an encounter that neither one has ever experienced before.  Slowly but surely, Craig successfully unwraps the bird’s wing and, with the help of a shovel handle as a perch, he’s able to carry the bird successfully to dry land.

The rescue is not yet over. This final scene is spectacular as Craig strokes the owl very carefully and nudges the owl gently towards the way of freedom.  With one last glance towards Craig, the owl leaps into the air and heads back to his normal life of living free as a bird.  Watch this full rescue, it’s spectacular!

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