Owner Brings Home 50 Empty Boxes, His Cats Wait In Anticipation And Are Amazed By What He Makes For Them

August 22, 2017

As cat lovers, there are certain things that we all know cats love. They love food, sleep, us and boxes! Not necessarily in that order. Why, within minutes of one of my cats seeing an empty box, they have practically taken up residence in it. What cat can resist an open box after all? 

Cole and Marmalade's dad decided to build something amazing out of boxes for his precious felines. He brought home 50 identical square cardboard boxes. The cats listened from the next room in anticipation as their owner folded, taped and cut doors into the boxes. and arranged them in rows. "What was he doing in there?" they wondered. 

When finished he had an amazing 50 box maze just for them! Cole and Marmalade explored their maze by jumping in and out of the boxes, crawling through the tunnels and of course perching on top of them. Hidden among the maze were cat toys and tasty treats for them to munch on. See Cole and Marmalade check out their new toy below! 

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