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Owner Confronts Dogs About His Chewed Up Shoe. In A Matter Of Seconds He Discovers Which Pup Is Guilty...And It's Unbelievably Hilarious!

May 18, 2017

Dogs are like children in many different ways. One of the main similarities they share is that they both have a hard time concealing their guilt. Even when they can't say a thing or point fingers, it only takes a matter of seconds to locate the guilty party.

The owner in the video below doesn't seem a bit happy about what he's discovered. While walking through the house, he notices that his insole has been chewed to pieces.


That's not something that anyone wants to come across. He knows it has to be one of two canines: his long-haired dachshund or his gray pit bull. He finds the two in question in the backyard and once he comes to confront them, they instantly know that they're in trouble.


He begins to ask, "Who did this?" The moment he says those words, one of the victims instantly drops his head and hides his face. The more the owner talks, the more ashamed he becomes.

He even tries to hide behind his counterpart and behind a plant. Unfortunately, you can't hide someone who acts that guilty!

Watch the video below to see which pup destroyed the shoe. Their reactions are absolutely priceless. I think that this will be the last time that a shoe gets chewed up in this household!

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