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Owner Hears Cat Meowing Loudly In The Other Room. When He Walks In, He Quickly Realizes The Meow Isn’t Coming From A Cat

August 23, 2017

Isn’t it funny how after spending a great deal of time with someone, you begin to pick up some of his or her mannerisms? If they have an accent, it takes no time at all to unintentionally start developing a similar accent without even realizing it. It seems as though animals find themselves in similar situations as well.


If an animal grows up in a different environment than their natural one, surrounded by a completely different species, it’s quite easy for them to adapt to their new way of life. Taking on similarities of their counterparts just becomes second-nature to them. In the video below, it appears as though a cockatoo is stuck in this kind of scenario. He’s grown up in an environment with a group of cats instead of birds. Needless to say, chirps aren’t his go-to noise.

One day, his owner heard a great deal of “meowing” coming from the other room. Curious as to the commotion, he decided to check it out. As soon as he walked into the room, he was completely caught off guard. Much to his great surprise, it wasn’t a cat meowing but his cockatoo! The bird had heard the cats meowing so much that he picked up on it and the resemblance is uncanny. Check out the video below to hear this hilarious guy meow until his heart's content!

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