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Owner Tries To Throw Away Christmas Tree But The Dogs Aren’t Having Any Of That

February 02, 2018

Anyone who has ever had the good fortune to be around a German Shepherd knows they are wonderful pets, but also quite a handful. They absolutely love to play, and aren’t always willing to give up a game if they’re having a grand time of it!

One family found out just how true this could be in January 2018. Christmas had passed, and it was time for them to get rid of the family Christmas tree. Since they backed up to some woods, it was common for families to dump the trees in the woods, to decompose and bring new life to the forest.

The wife asked her adoring husband to go dispose of the tree but grew concerned when he didn’t return. She glanced out the kitchen window and knew that she had to record what was happening outside.

As her husband tried to lift the tree to throw it over the fence, the family's two German Shepherds kept grabbing onto the tree, thinking it was a magnificent game of tug-of-war! Of course, they had the strength advantage, and her poor husband kept slipping and sliding.

Eventually, he managed to hoist the tree over the low fence, ending the battle. The German Shepherds looked over to the tree, sad that their game was gone. The husband, of course, was glad that he was able to get to his feet and return to the house where his wife was recording, laughing!